2016 Popcorn Program
Pack 31 is excited for a "kernel popping" fundraising year! Below you will find all the tools you will need to have a successful sale. If you have any questions you can reach our Popcorn Sales Coordinator by email via this link.

As you probably know, we sell popcorn at the beginning of the year to raise funds allowing us to give back to the Pack all year long. Popcorn sales will be our main fundraising effort. Please support your Scout and help him achieve his sales goals.  This year we are striving for 100% participation so we need your help and support!

Benefits to Your Scout and Family:
  • Teaches Scouts the value & process of setting and working toward goals
  • Gives Scouts a strong sense of accomplishment through recognition
  • Enhances communication, leadership skills and confidence in your Scout
  • Scouts can earn valuable rewards including gift cards and prizes
  • Scouts can earn Scout Bucks that can pay for all of their activities this year.  Some examples include Rock Climbing, Overnights at the Museum of Science, Family Camping, Adventure Day Camp, Webelos Overnight Week, and the Six Flags Camporee!

What popcorn is available this year?

Ways to Sell:                                                                                          
 Show and Sells
  • Show and Sells make up a big part of our popcorn program. We've obtained permission from local businesses to set up a sales table.  Show and Sells have plenty of products on-hand for people to buy.  Different Scouts work at the table in shifts.  Always have adult supervision.  
  • Check the Show and Sell schedule page for show and sell times and other important details.
Show and Deliver
  • The Scout requests popcorn on consignment (variety could vary).  He sells what he can and returns the rest with no penalty
  • The Scout, with his Akela, goes door to door with a Take Order Form
  • The Scout carries Trail's End Popcorn with him (in a van or car) and is able to fulfill the customer's popcorn order right away.
Take Orders
  • The Scout with his Akela goes door to door with a Take Order Form.  Take Order Forms will provided during the Popcorn Kickoff 
  • The customer writes his/her order on the Take Order Form and the Scout collects the money.
  • The Scout processes the order and delivers the Popcorn to the Customer in a few weeks.
Selling at Work
  • Mom and/or Dad take an order form to their work.
  • Fellow co-workers write their order on the order form.
  • Mom and/or Dad deliver product and collect the money in a few weeks.
  • (It is best to collect the money upfront when possible)
Selling Online
  • The Scout communicates his Order Key via email, phone, and so on, to potential or existing customers. The Customer can go online and purchase popcorn with a Credit Card  at http://www.trails-end.com/
  • The Product is shipped directly from Trail’s End to the customer and the Scout and Unit receive credit for the Sale.
Scouts can also create their own Show and Sell 
  • by reaching out to local businesses and getting permission to set up a table for sales.  If you do, be sure to let us know.  We're happy to help you help us by coordinating other Scout's participation and providing the popcorn!
Signing up for Show and Sells

  • This year we will be managing our Show and Sell schedule and all available time slots via our online Show and Sell Schedule page.  If you would like to participate please watch for details in our pack email blasts, or contact our Popcorn Sales Coordinator for information.
  • Scouts can and should participate in as many Show and Sells as possible  

Prizes and Rewards:
The Fall Popcorn Sale offers a myriad of prizes for our Scouts to earn. Show-n-Sell, Take Order and Online Sales can count toward many of the prize incentive programs. The different prize programs include:

Pack 31 Sales Prizes
Our pack will be awarding prizes for the Top Sellers.  Come to the Popcorn Kickoff pack meeting in September to find out more!

Knox Trail Council Sales Clubs
$600 Club
Every Scout who sells $600 or more in popcorn will receive their choice of a Stikbot Studio pro or 7 Function Survival Tool. You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase a discount ticket for our popcorn night with the Boston Celtics.

$750 Seller Popcorn Celebration
Every Scout who sells $750 or more in popcorn will be invited to a very special celebration to be held at Chuck E. Cheese in January 2017.

$1,000 Seller Club
Every Scout who sells $1,000 will receive a free ticket to our popcorn night with the Boston Celtics, exclusive Boston Celtics $1,000 Seller patch and early entrance to watch the Celtics warm-up.

$1,500 Club
Every Scout who sells $1,500 or more in popcorn will receive a $50 Target, Amazon.com, Walmart or Knox Trail Council Summer Camp Experience gift card.

$2,000 Power Seller Club
Every Scout who sells $2,000 or more will receive a $100 Target, Amazon.com, Walmart or Knox Trail Council Summer Camp Experience gift card.

$2,500 Seller
You qualify for the Trail’s End College Scholarship.

Top 40 Sellers Bonus!
The Top Council Seller will receive 2 Premium Tickets to the Celtics game, on court photo pregame, and your name on the Jumbo Tron!

Top Sellers 2 thru 15 will get to participate as Anthem Buddies at the Celtics game.  

Top Sellers 16 thru 40 will get to participate in the Half Time High Five Kids Tunnel at the Celtics game.

"Building Character" Bonus Prizes

The Knox Trail Council has also set up a great bonus sales program to reward the scouts as they reach higher and higher sales.  This program allows the scouts to choose some great prizes and gift cards as they work their way up the 14 sales levels.  Make sure to take a look at the full list of prizes here.

Some example prizes include:

Lock Blade Knife:
Small Lock Blade knife with 1-1/2” blade…great for Boy Scouts and Cubs who have earned their knife privileges.


Large Rosewood Knife w/ BSA® Logo w/ Case
Sturdy and attractive, this knife features a 3 1/2" long locking stainless steel blade, rosewood handle, brass trim, carrying pouch with velcro closure and belt loop

LEGO Technic Getaway Racer
Cruise the streets with this cool, powerful vehicle featuring massive extra-wide rims with low profile tires, huge vertical exhaust pipes, heavy-duty front bumper and awesome dark-gray and black color scheme with cool flame stickers for a real bad-guy look. Activate the powerful pull-back motor to make a quick getaway! 170 piece set


Cinch Backpack w/ BSA Branding
This roomy cinch back is made of 210D polyester and is 14.75"L x 16"H. Easy access to main compartment with cinch closure, front zippered pocket; cinch design allows for carrying on one shoulder or as a backpack.

Sevylor Inflatable Kayak
This inflatable Kayak is perfect for a trip down the river. 2 person/595 pound capacity kayak is 132" x 30" made of tough 26 gauge PVC. Includes 2 86" aluminum paddles, dual cup holders, and 2 recessed storage compartment with cargo net. NMMA Certified.

Eurkea Tetragon 3 Tent
This three person sized freestanding dome tent offers easy set-up for convenient weekend campouts.

Fundraising Uses:

Our fundraising effort helps to make Scouting a great experience for our sons, siblings and parents.  Here is a just a small sampling of the pack activities supported by your fund raising efforts and participation:
  • Science Museum, Skyzone overnights
  • Fall, Winter and Spring pack overnight camping
  • Pack T-shirt, Neckerchief
  • Pack meeting refreshments
  • Pinewood derby kits, trophies
  • Pack Pool Party
  • Scout patches, badges and recognition awards

Parent Action Items

Popcorn Sales Begin
September 6

Popcorn, Order Forms, Money  Due to Den Leaders:
October 23

Order Pickup
November 14

Show and Sell Dates

Please refer to our email newsletter for our 2016 Popcorn Schedule.

If you are not receiving the pack email newsletter please email Brent Coullard: