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Science Loop and Pin

Tiger, Wolfs, Bears and Webelos Scouts may complete these requirements in a family, den, pack, school, or community environment.

Tiger Cubs must work with their parents or adult partners. Parents and partners do not earn loops or pins.

Requirements for the Science Belt Loop

Complete these three requirements:

    1. Explain the scientific method to your adult partner.

    2. Use the scientific method in a simple science project. Explain the results to an adult.

    3. Visit a museum, a laboratory, an observatory, a zoo, an aquarium, or other facility that employs scientists. Talk to a scientist about his or her work.

Requirements for the Science Pin

Earn the Science belt loop, and complete five of the following requirements:

    1. Make a simple electric motor that works.

    2. Find a stream or other area that shows signs of erosion. Try to discover the cause of the erosion.

    3. Plant seeds. Grow a flower, garden vegetable, or other plant.

    4. Use these simple machines to accomplish tasks: lever, pulley, wheel-and-axle, wedge, inclined plane, and screw.

    5. Learn about solids, liquids, and gases using just water. Freeze water until it turns into ice. Then, with an adult heat the ice until it turns back into a liquid and eventually boils and becomes a gas.

    6. Build models of two atoms and two molecules, using plastic foam balls or other objects.

    7. Make a collection of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks and label them.

    8. Learn about a creature that lives in the ocean. Share what you have learned with your den or family.

    9. Label a drawing or diagram of the bones of the human skeleton.

    10. Make a model or poster of the solar system. Label the planets and the sun.

    11. Do a scientific experiment in front of an audience. Explain your results.

    12. Read a book about a science subject that interests you.

Science Online Resources

Steps to Follow:

    1. Download and Print Worksheet at bottom of page

    2. Scout completes Worksheet

    3. Turn completed Worksheet into your Den Leader

    4. Den Leader may have questions for your Scout

    5. Den Leader will enter completion date into Tracking Software

    6. Scout will be awarded Loop a/o Pin at the next Pack Meeting

    7. Limit of Two Loops and Two Pins per Month

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