Webelos 2 Den - 5th Grade

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5th Grade

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Summary Webelos is for 4th and 5th grade boys to prepare to join a Boy Scout troop while learning outdoors skills and participating in many adventures. A well-run group of Webelos is a gradual change from being an 'adult-run' den to being a 'scout-run' patrol ready to fit right into an adventurous Boy Scout troop. This migration requires the parents and den leaders to give the scouts more and more control, decision-making power, and responsibility as they progress in skills, abilities, and maturity.

The Webelos Program:

The Webelos program has two major milestones - the Webelos rank badge to be earned toward the end of 4th grade and the Arrow of Light to be earned in 5th grade. The final part of Webelos is bridging over into a Boy Scout troop selected individually by the scout.

Arrow of Light:

The highest rank in Cub Scouting is the Arrow of Light. Earning this rank prepares a Webelos Scout to become a Boy Scout. Scouts must complete four required adventures and three elective adventures to earn the Arrow of Light rank. For each adventure a boy completes, he receives a pin to wear on the Webelos colors or on his hat.

The Arrow of Light badge is the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform when a boy graduates into a troop. Adult leaders who earned the Arrow of Light rank when they were young may also show their achievement by wearing a special square knot on their adult uniform.

The Webelos Uniform - Blue or Tan?

Webelos Scouts may wear either the blue uniform they wore as Cub Scouts or the tan shirt and olive green trousers they will wear as Boy Scouts. You and your family decide which one you will wear.

With either basic uniform, Webelos Scouts wear the Webelos cap, Webelos neckerchief, Webelos neckerchief slide, and the navy blue Cub Scout belt; a Webelos belt buckle is available.